Bayview Retirement Village

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14 Allotment Road


After years of putting it off I finally decided to do it. This lot is my best effort (with minimal CC) at converting my childhood home into a Sims 2 lot, and I’m pretty happy with it. The house I grew up in was a bungalow with very unique gardens, hence my thinking it would make a nice addition to the game. The address is real and can be found on Google street view, though honestly the owners after us changed things a lot, so it’s not the best comparison. I do like the idea though of playing a lot based off somebody’s real life, where their personal list of events took place. I find that pretty cool and hope this may inspire others to do the same. On the lot you’ll find two bunnies (pictured above). This is where we buried our first two pet hamsters, way back in 2000. Other unmarked graves include our pet cockatoo (over by the little shed), our two guinea pigs, and some wild black birds that hit the kitchen window over the years.

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