Download Hippo Nursery Set

The Hippo Nursery set includes recolours of:

Kinder Kontainer Bedding (Basegame Crib)
Kinder Kontainer Frame (Basegame Crib)
Kinder Koddler (Basegame High Chair)
Sanitation Station Baby Changing Table (Basegame Changing Table)
Tinkle Trainer 6000 Potty Chair (Basegame Potty)
Rip Co. Xylophone (Basegame Xylophone)
Rip Co. Little Baker Oven (Basegame Toy Oven)
Doublewide, Floorlength and Silllength Tieback Curtains (Basegame Curtains)
Two Dogs And An Olive (Maxis Painting – Requires Nightlife EP)
Castle Keep Toybox (Maxis Toy Box – Requires Family Fun SP)
One Wallpaper (Found under ‘Wallpapers’ at 8 simoleons)

Best suited for high texture set gameplay.
Curtain file provides recolours for all three above mentioned curtains.
Collectively the set is sized at 1.03MB.
All files compressed.

NOTE: Additional objects seen in images are the bouncy seat and moses basket by Snowstorm and Gwenke, found here, and the toddler blanket bed by Atavera and HugeLunatic here. No extra recolour files are needed for these as all are slaved to the Maxis crib bedding.



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