Download European Townhouses
Download European Townhouses (No CC)
Download European Townhouses (Unfurnished)

Apartment Lots
 $5,016 – $5,895 PW
Main Features:  Five 3 story units total / 4-5 bedrooms per unit / Private Gardens / Communal Park / Laundry Rooms / Pet Ready
Notes: Moi’s Invisible Meshless Fence (found HERE) required for ALL VERSIONS. Apartments will not be functional without it.

Included CC

Tall Privacy Fence in Medium Wood by CuriousB
Modern Trash Can (Green/Recycling) by Rebecah
Modern Trash Can (Blue/Trash) (Mesh File) by Rebecah
KS lightONE (Hanging High) by klarsicht42

Not Included CC

Moi’s Invisible Meshless Fence by Niol (REQUIRED IN ALL VERSIONS)
Washing Line by Padre
Unique Separator Door Recolours (Lightwood and Firewood) by InouKai

GIMP,, LotAdjuster, CleanInstaller


One thought on “European Townhouses (Multi Versions)

  1. These townhouses are a treat to explore. Your presentation is spot-on! I can see that you have great taste to go with your skill in lot building.


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