Download Bayview Retirement Village

Apartment Lot
Main Features:
8 Single Units / 2 Double UnitsCommunal Dining / Communal Gardening / Car Parks

Important Notes

Please download Moi’s invisible meshless fence (not included) for this lot to work as intended. The homes’ conservatories appear shared but due to apartment restrictions they have to technically be divided, so I used the invisible fence to achieve the best of both worlds.

Also not included, but not strictly necessary, are Cyclonesue’s invisible driveway recolours for the car parks at the front. Cars are included but not seen in pics. Note they will disappear if you enter the lot while it is unoccupied. So if you want to go in and make changes, remember to replace the cars.

I have used one unique separator door recolour on this lot, not included, found here by InouKai. It is the recolour named Darkwood.

To have strictly only elders occupy a lot you’ll have to either a) move in only your own sims while having Nysha’s No Townie Neighbours mod, or b) use the Sim Manipulator to age all residents to elder. I haven’t researched this much, so if there are other methods please let me know. It does seem that the visitor controller is redundant in this case as it treats spawned neighbours differently to other sims, so disabling certain ages will unfortunately not work.

I’ve built the dining area with Simlogicals shiny tyme NPC override in mind. If you have this the room will be self functioning so that your elders are catered for without them having to lift a finger. I’ve also added Exnems dessert cart which is entirely optional but adds a nice touch.


Lot Size: 6×6
Lot Price (rent furnished): $752 (Single) – $1,330 (Double)

Custom Content Included:
– (Required) Glass Floor Natural by Jennihaze
– (Optional) Garden Roses by Shakeshaft at TSR
– (Optional) Garden Roses White Recolour by Shakeshaft at TSR
– (Optional) Garden Roses Pink Recolour by Shakeshaft at TSR
– (Optional) Garden Roses Yellow Recolour by Shakeshaft at TSR
– (Optional) KSlight One (Hanging High) by Klarsicht42
– (Optional) Dessert Cart by Exnem

Additional Credits:
Special thanks to the creators of CleanInstaller, GIMP and TinyJPG.


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