Wok in a Box (No CC version/Minimal CC version/Car park version)

(This download can also be found at ModTheSims)

Please excuse the corny name, I really didn’t know what to call this so I took the name of a local place in real life.

Today I have a small/medium Asian themed building designed for use as a Sim owned business, but it also functions just as well if owned by “the community”. Bear in mind though, it will look a tad odd when community owned since the NPCs’ clothing is more western style. To make the most of this lot, I recommend having it Sim owned with Asian style clothing for uniforms. I’ve attached some pictures of the interior when Sim owned, to show how much neater it looks.

There is only a handful of CC attached to this lot, and all are optional, though if you want the version with a car park, you’ll need to install the two included road pieces (clearly named in the Clean Installer). The car park version is designed with Mog Hughson’s “Park in the car park” mod in mind, though it isn’t included in the package. If you are a user of her mod however, the car park is sized accordingly.

If you need help finding oriental themed food dishes, uniforms, etc, I’ve linked what I used in the screenshots below.

Japanese Nikuman by eris3000
Shrimp & Calamari by eris3000
Duck over rice by eris3000
Duck noodles by eris3000
Thai style fried rice by eris3000
Sweet and sour prawn by eris3000
Tom yum kung by eris3000

Eris3000 has kindly even gone to the trouble of making Asian style serving dishes, which is why I highly recommend her meals.

The uniforms seen in the screenshots are all Maxis clothing, with the exception of one being Tekken 3’s Ling Xiaoyu’s costume by Screaming Mustard at TSR.

IMPORTANT When placing in Neighbourhood View, I advise allowing some space between any lots adjacent to the back of this one, as the pond makes some of the edge tiles steep/uneven. The rest of the perimeter is even and ground level however.

     Some things to consider if you skip the CC

  • There is a small bridge at the back of the restaurant, which is fenced by the ‘Step Into a World’ CC. The bridge will become just a path if you choose not to install this.
  • The ‘Cobblestone Grass’ makes the outdoor paving at the front and sides of the building. This will obviously not appear if you skip it.
  • You’ll need to delete some floating lanterns if you skip the ‘Sakura Tree’.

Custom Content Included:
– Road Piece A by tter at MTS
– Road Piece B by tter at MTS
– (Optional) Step Into A World Fence by Chrissy6930 at ts2creations
– (Optional) Sakura Tree by sakura_chan at MTS
– (Optional) Cobblestone Grass by Elanora
– (Optional) Versatile Host Podium by Sunni Designs

Lot Size: 3×2
Lot Price (furnished): $46,649 (No Park)

Download Wok in a Box (with carpark) v1.0
Download Wok in a Box (no carpark) v1.0

Additional Credits:
Mootilda’s Lot Adjuster


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