Gain logic with The Discovery Channel, for your Sims!

Update 17/04/2015 – Please redownload TV_Discovery. 
Thanks to a good friend from Affinity Sims, the Discovery Channel will now gain your sims science enthusiasm instead of film and literature. Thank you NixNivis!

First and foremost, I want to give ALL credit to Sophie David here at MTS, along with the various tutorial writers that instructed me on how to put this together. Anyone can do this, I just tweaked Sophie’s gain logic TV package, to suit my more modern neighbourhood, and quickly edited a bunch of small video clips. Thank you Sophie for permitting the use of your Hollywood Collection channels. The credit is yours because I have no idea how to code a TV channel to gain skills. You made it possible.

This is a new skill gaining TV channel, just like the Yummy channel, except it gains logic rather than cooking.

I’ve put together a collection of 24 video clips, each 1-2 minutes long, consisting of documentary type programs (all in English). This collection is optional, but the clips have already been edited to suit The Sims 2 game, i.e. 15 fps, short, 128×128 screen size, etc. They also run a Discovery advert/commercial at the end of each clip, to give more of a feel of the channel. My clips also have all been sourced from videos of the ideal aspect ratio, so that they’ll show up correctly on bigger and smaller TVs alike, without black borders. I also tried to make the topic range as wide as possible, so there’s something for every Sim. You can skip this all together and add your own clips, or mix and match. Take out what you don’t like from my collection. Whatever suits your tastes best. If you’d like to add to the collection and want to keep the Discovery ad system going, just grab the Advert/Commercial package and stick one or the other at the end of your clip in Movie Maker before converting.

This is a global mod with it’s own GUID so it shouldn’t conflict with other custom channels or mods. Please let me know if you discover any sort of conflicts so that others can be aware.

Please do share your feedback, criticisms, and thoughts. I’m always open to changing or expanding ideas.


Installation of a new TV channel is a bit different to dropping your file into Downloads. It may seem confusing at first but it really isn’t. Just be sure to follow the directions below precisely.

1. Extract TV_Discovery.rar and place it’s contents into your Downloads folder, as you would other things.
2. Go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Movies\Broadcast. Create a new folder called Discovery. This is where your clips will go.
3. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\YOURLATESTEXPANSION\TSData\Res\UserData\Config. Open the text file called ‘Broadcast’, with Notepad. alarm.gif It is preferable to back up this file should anything go wrong afterwards.
4. You should see a numeric list of Maxis channels, and more if you’ve downloaded other custom channels. Go to the last number in the list. Add a new row with the next number in the sequence, then a “=” symbol, just like the others. After this type “tvstation_discovery” (without the quotes). Make sure it is written exactly as typed within the quotes, or you may encounter problems later on.
5. Now go to the very bottom of the text, and paste the following.


6. If you want the channel to play commercials/adverts, paste the following below your last entry. Otherwise, skip this step.


7. Save.
8. This should be all you need to do. If you encounter a flashing blue screen, repeat the steps above but within your University directory and your most recent Stuff Pack directory.

Download TV_Discovery 1.1
Download Discovery Program Collection 1.0
Download Discovery Ads 1.0


Sophie David from MTS for making 99.9% of this possible.
NixNivis from Affinity Sims for coding the channel to gain science enthusiasm.
Eric from MTS for his useful guide (10 years old but still works!)


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