Midland Park Townhouses

This lot was originally just for personal use, but it came out pretty well so I thought why not share it. It is an apartment lot featuring 3 joined townhouses. Each one is exactly the same on the interior, with the rent ranging from $5,905 to $6,054. They are 3 stories high and each have their own back garden (please see below for the required invisible fence that makes these yards function properly).

Each unit has 4 bedrooms, a big living area, a single garage, 1 bathroom, 1 toilet, dining area and a small study room ideal for a computer desk setting. I have intentionally left all units unfurnished with plain walls/floors, as I personally find I like to furnish things myself, but I would gladly make a furnished version if requested. The gardens have been basically decorated, with one unit having a greenhouse. This is easily removed if you don’t want it.

The interior layout, to some, may seem a bit odd but this floorplan was based off a townhouse I used to live in, where the living area was upstairs. I like it personally, I hope others will as well.

Please forgive me for any mistakes you might discover, this is my first upload of anything Sim related. I also apologise in advance if the driveways ever start behaving oddly (but they shouldn’t). I’ve had a very long battle with them but at the time of packaging they seemed to all function as expected. I just wouldn’t advise altering the building structure.

Please download Moi’s invisible meshless fence (not included) for this lot to work as intended.

Do feel free to inform me of any mistakes or errors. Also, if anyone happens to try joining two of these lots together with the lot adjuster, let me know how it turns out.

Lot Size: 5×3
Lot Price (furnished): $5,905 to $6,054 pw

Custom Content Included:
– (Required) Avon Garden Fencing by shakeshaft at TSR
– (Required) Recessed sash window set – white recolour by Inge Jones
– (Required) Recessed sash window – counter height by Inge Jones
– (Required) Recessed sash window – double by Inge Jones
– (Required) Recessed sash window – long by Inge Jones
– (Required) Recessed sash window – privacy by Inge Jones
– (Optional) Modern Trash Can in Green by Rebecah at Affinitysims
– (Optional) Modern Trash Can Mesh (Default Blue) by Rebecah at Affinitysims
– (Optional) Modern Trash Can in Brown by Rebecah at Affinitysims
– (Optional) KSlight One (Hanging High) by klarsicht42
– (Optional) Cobblestone Grass by Elanora
– (Optional) Epikouros Wall Cabinet by CTNutmegger
– (Optional) Easy Breeze Gable Vent – Low (2 tile) by Parsimonious
– (Optional) Designer Oven Hood with built-in Smoke Alarm by celebkiriedhel (must have Master file not included – get it here)

Custom content not included is the gray slate roof with white trim by hatshepsut at TSR, found here.

Download Midland Park Townhouses v1.1

Additional Credits:
Thank you heaps to zephyrzodiac, arathea and AncientHighway from Simbology for helping me test and troubleshoot the darn driveways.


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